Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 2 Days

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The Inca Trail is considered one of the most beautiful roads in America and therefore an unforgettable experience for visitors. The Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu lead us through a protected natural environment of the Peruvian jungle, passes Inca archaeological monuments and offers impressive views. inka trail trek

The Incas used these trails as a pilgrimage to the sacred Citadel of Machu Picchu.


DAY 1: Cusco – KM. 104 – Wiñayhuayna – Aguas Calientes

Our tourist transport will pick you up at your respective hotels to take you to the train station, towards Km. 104 (2,250 m.s.m.), where we will begin the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. At the beginning of the Inca trail, we will visit the archaeological ruin of Chachabamba (2,270 m.a.s.l.) with a professional guide. 2 day inca trail

Then we continue our journey to the highest point of this connection, where we will visit the archaeological complex of Wiñayhuayna (2,650 masl). Wiñayhuayna is the most important archaeological site in this enchanting landscape, surrounded by subtropical mountains. Continuing the path, we will pass through Inti Punku (Puerta del Sol at 2780 m.a.s.l.) to the archaeological park of Machu Picchu (2.400 m.s.n.m.).

Place where we will take a bus to the city of Aguas Calientes (2,050 m.s.m.), where we will spend the night in a hotel. The walking time during the tour is 06 hours in humid weather and mosquitoes. Includes lunch and dinner.

Accommodation Aguas Calientes.

DAY 2: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu Sanctuary – Cusco

Early in the morning, we will take the first bus on the way to the Machu Picchu Archaeological Complex (2,400 m.a.s.l.), where we will take the guided tour by a professional guide with extensive cultural knowledge. The tour will have a pleasant enough time and then the client will have free time for the optional independent visit to the top of Huayna Picchu or the Temple of the Moon.

Finally, we remind the whole group in the city of Aguas Calientes, before taking the train back to the city of Cusco.

The climate in Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu is hot and humid with mosquitoes. Breakfast is included. machu picchu 2 day hike



Tour Includes

  • Transportation Cusco – Ollanta – Cusco
  • Professional guide service in English / Spanish (request language)
  • Guided visits to Chachabamba, Wiñaywayna and Choquesuysuy
  • Guided visit to Machu Picchu on the second day.
  • Food (1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner)
  • Train ticket to km 104 (starting point of the tour).
  • Entrance fees to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
  • First aid and oxygen balloon
  • Rt tourist bus consettur de Machu Picchu – Águas Calientes – Machu Picchu (02)
  • Tourist train from Aguas Calientes to Cusco according to availability.
  • 01 Night accommodation in Aguas Calientes in 2-star accommodation.

General Conditions

  • All rates for our Peru Packages are expressed in US dollars (optional for currency exchange) and are programmed per person.
  • The rates valid for Peruvians only include VAT.
  • All our rates are subject to availability and changes.
  • Children under 02 years and 11 months are considered INF (babies), do not pay any service and do not have the right to food, bed or seat on the tours.
  • DCC (child) is considered a child from 03 to 10 years and 11 months, has a special rate and shares a room with parents.
  • Children over 11 years old considered adults.
  • Minors must travel with an identity document.
  • Rates do not apply to holidays, Easter, long weekends, national holidays, Christmas or New Years.

Tour Does Not Include

  • National or international plane tickets.
  • Services not detailed in the program.
  • Lunch in Aguas Calientes (2nd day)
  • The third Desettur bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes. (This is possible on foot and takes 1h20min. Or also the possibility of buying a ticket and cost $ 12.00 per person).
  • Life insurance.
  • Additional nights due to bad weather
  • Personal care items.

What To Bring?

  • A backpack and a rain poncho.
  • Sufficient clothing for cold weather and warm weather (Since the weather can be cold and wet, therefore your wet clothes will not be able to dry overnight).
  • waterproof jacket and pants and rain poncho.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Sandals and bikini (to bathe in the hot springs in Aguas Calientes).
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, alcohol gel, canteen and toilet paper.
  • Photographic camera
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Snack: chocolates, cereal bars, fruits of the forest and nuts. etc.
  • Original passport, original student card (in case of having been admitted).
  • Extra money in soles.

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Attractions of the 2 Day Inca Trail


This fascinating hike offers many attractions. In the first place, the colorful high Andean flora, likewise you can enjoy huge grasslands with an intense green color dotted with beautiful orchids in its 500 varieties accompanied by bushes, mosses and vegetation typical of the jungle that appears attractive together with the murmur from the Urubamba river.

The fauna of the place accompanies thousands of multicolored butterflies, which seem to rain on people during their journey, you can enjoy the pleasant sound of the birds, and if you are lucky you can find some harmless mammals. short inca trail


Chachabamba Citadel

A few minutes after starting the walk, you will have the view of Chachambamba.

It is located on the top of a hill which makes its design strategic. It has a flat geography with some undulations of the terrain, its constructions are curved. The architectural characteristics are combined, according to the current theories of archaeologists, that is, religious and military.

According to research, this space was built as a place of religious worship to water. It is also believed that the other purpose was apparently a surveillance and access control point to Machu Picchu. inca trail trek

We are sure that you will feel like an adventurer on this walk when you arrive at this unforgettable archaeological site!


Quechua word that means “Eternally young”, it is an Inca archaeological site. Wiñayhuayna is located over 2700 meters, you can see the presence of Inca platforms (cultivation terraces), from the time of the Imperial Inca, it is nothing less than an agricultural area you can notice the existence of channels and abundant water and vegetation, all adorned with a warm tropical climate, very pleasant that is radiant with an intense blue sky.

It consists of a lower and an upper sector connected to each other by a long staircase from which a fountain descends. Both sectors are made up of agricultural terraces and buildings, the lower sector being the largest. The buildings are arranged according to the Inca urban pattern of the “kancha” type.

The architecture is of the same type as in Machu Picchu. The buildings are built with granite stone elements. The main portal is double jamb and the others are single jamb. As is characteristic of Inca architecture, the doorways, windows and niches are trapezoidal in shape; while the roof structures were supported by steep gables, held by ribs and rings.

The Wiñayhuayna terraces system is special because it has managed to gain totally difficult territories for cultivation, there is also a series of enclosures used as permanent residences.

2 Day Inca Trail Distance

The 2 Day Inca Trail total distance is 13 km / 8.08 miles, during the first day of the 2 Day Inca Trail, the distance walked is 12 km / 7.5 miles; While during the second day we tour Machu Picchu for 2 ½ hours, for approximately 6 km / 3.7 miles.

Difficulty of the Short Inca Trail

The difficulty of the Short Inca Trail is considered medium, but it also depends largely on your level of fitness and acclimatization.

The first hours of walking is a constant climb, then the Camino gets easier, although with sections of a certain degree of difficulty.

Elevation in the Short Inca Trail

During the Short Inca Trail, the maximum elevation reached is 2,650 m / 8,694 ft; while the minimum elevation is 2,400 m / 7,874 ft. inca trail altitude

The elevations in the Short Inca Trail are illustrated on the following map:

Short Inca Trail Permits

The Inca Trail is one of the best treks on the planet. That is why there is great demand for tickets. This is why you will need to reserve the proceeds well in advance.

How Many People Can Travel The Inca Trail Each Day?

There are 250 permits available for the Short Inca Trail each day. However, that number is a bit far from the truth since only 200 tourists will be able to enter each day. The rest of the people make up the support team on the route (porters, guides and cooks). 2 day machu picchu hike


Booking an entrance to the Inca Trail is easy and safe. You should only look for availability in an online travel agency. Payment is by credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard).

1. Find an authorized agency online

In the network there are several agencies dedicated to offering entrance tickets to the Inca Trail. Choose the one that seems most reliable to you. The website must have an internet security system that protects your personal information. All agencies must be authorized by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

2. Find free spaces

After choosing the website (tourism agency), go to the ‘availability’ section. Remember that the reservation to be made approximately 6 months before. Find the day and month in which you want to do the Inca Trail. If you found availability, click on ‘Reserve’.

3. Complete the data and special requirements

To buy your tickets to the Inca Trail you must provide personal information such as names, identity document number (passport), email, among others. In addition, you must point out any extra special requirements such as a porter, vegetarian food, walking sticks, etc.

4. Make the payment

Payment is through various payment methods. The most widely accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club or more. Some agencies ask you for an advance payment and then complete the transaction in the city of Cusco. Finally, you will obtain the permits to do the Inca Trail.

Can I Do The Inca Trail On My Own?

The entrance to the legendary Inca highway is strictly controlled. This is how it seeks to protect the Inca Trail that is more than 500 years old and the wonderful natural environment that surrounds it.

The Inca Trail is only allowed with the company of a tour guide. The purchase of the ticket is in an authorized travel agency.


The Inca Trail is closed in February. During that month, the rains are stronger and can make it very difficult to travel the Inca Trail trails. The guards take advantage of those days to maintain the road and the Inca structures. The rest of the year, this hiking trail is open to the public.


Short Inca Trail tickets are not that difficult to get. It is recommended to make the reservation weeks in advance. In the months of May, June or July; try to book a month before.


  • Adult of any nationality: Passport.
  • Adult member of the Andean Community: DNI (national identity document) or Passport.
  • People of Peruvian nationality (residents or not in Peru): DNI (national identity document).
  • Foreigner Residing in Peru: CE (immigration card).
Required to benefit from a discount

Foreign Student: International Student Card (ISIC). It should be noted that this ISIC Card is acquired by students of Universities, Higher Institutes (undergraduate or postgraduate) and Colleges, these documents must be current.

National Student: University Card.

Minors from 12 to 17 years old of any nationality: ID or Passport (the walk cannot be done by people under 12 years old).

Do I need a tourist visa for the 2 Day Inca Trail?

Citizens in general of the countries of the European Union and Mercosu countries; They do not have to apply for a visa at an embassy or consulate before entering Peru. A passport valid for at least six months with at least 2 free pages in the visa section, will be enough to obtain your permits to do the Inca Trail. Children must carry their own passport with an updated photo.

Weather in the 2 Day Inca Trail

The climate is warm to moderate, slightly humid, with seasonal rainfall of more than 400 mm.

Basically, the rainy temperature is from November to April, the climate is temperate cold, depending on the altitude, latitude and time of year and of course with the presence of rain.

The dry season is from May to October, however the rain can fall at any time of the year.


We recommend doing the Short Inca Trail during the dry season, from April to November. During these months, sunlight is appropriate for the best photographs of Andean landscapes.

Do not forget to check the availability of spaces before making your reservation. We recommend that you separate your space at least 4 months in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions:


The Short Inca Trail is the fastest route to Machu Picchu in the Inca Trail network. Unlike the Traditional Inca Trail, this route lasts for two days and is done as a private tour.

This route is ideal for passengers who have less time to visit Machu Picchu, or who do not have the necessary physical condition to face the other routes of the Inca trails.

What Are The Differences With The Traditional Inca Trail?

The Traditional Inca Trail lasts 4 days. It has a medium difficulty level and includes camps along the route. Around 6 Inca archaeological remains are visited, and we will visit the citadel of Machu Picchu on the last day. It is usually done in groups of several passengers.

The Short Inca Trail lasts 2 days. Being a private tour, the groups are small. In addition, the difficulty of this route is much less and does not include outdoor camping, when you spend the night in the town of Aguas Calientes. The archaeological sites of Chachabamba, Wiñaywayna and IntiPunku are visited. Finally, we will end on the guided tour of the Machu Picchu Citadel. camping machu picchu


The climates you will experience are not as extreme as the traditional route, however we recommend always packing warm clothing such as jackets, gloves, warm pants, and more. Our travel experts prepared a list of items for the Short Inca Trail. We recommend that you follow it and have no problems when packing your backpack.


No. People of any age are suitable for the Short Inca Trail. Cheerful families or groups of friends walk this adventure step by step without problems.


Yes. If you live in a low altitude place it is recommended to do a previous training to be able to complete the route without complications. We suggest taking walks of half an hour or more to increase your endurance as well as workouts with cardiovascular exercises.


We recommend that you bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself during the walk. You can have drinking water and electricity in the town of Aguas Calientes, at the end of the first day.


Yes. Tourists traveling together can book the Inca Trail with a private group. The cost is higher than the normal ticket. However, this decreases the more the number of tourists in the group.


The visit to Machu Picchu at the end of the Inca Trail is on the morning shift (from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.). Unlike other visitors, access is through the Puerta del Sol (Intipunku), an old entrance to the Wonder of the World used by the Incas. inca trail cost

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