Machu Picchu Mountain

1 February, 2022

The new tourist destination that attracts more tourists every day who seek the energy that radiates from the sacred landscape of our world wonder Machu Picchu is the top of Machu Picchu Mountain, which gave its name to the Inca citadel.

Our world wonder now offers another alternative that is little known by tourists but with a unique landscape beauty, and it is that it is about ascending the mountain that gave Machu Picchu its name “Machu Picchu Montaña”, the new route that was restored two years ago following trails and stairs of an Inca trail.

What is the Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru?

Machupicchu is not the same as Machu Picchu mountain. The first refers to the Inca citadel, which was made known to the world by the American explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911. The second is the upper mountain elevation.

Therefore this mountain is the summit located at the top of the archaeological site and whose name: Machu ‘mountain’ and Picchu ‘old’ adopted the archaeological site to be known worldwide.

Currently, the ancient Inca roads were conditioned to be traveled by tourists. From the top of the summit you can see all the amazing geography of the place: the archaeological site, Huaynapicchu, Putucusi, the Vilcanota river and more.

The tour to the Machu Picchu Mountain has become one of the main tourist attractions. To enter you need to buy the ticket “Machu Picchu + Montaña”.

Where is the Machu Picchu Mountain ?

This mountain is part of the so-called ‘Salkantay massif’. It is located south of the Inca city of Machupicchu, just in front of the Huaynapicchu. The top of the mountain is 3,082 meters above sea level (10,111 ft).

The entrance to this mountain is in a detour that follows the route of the ‘Casa del vigilante’. Then begins the hike up stairs and stone and dirt paths with maximum inclines of up to 30 degrees.

What is the elevation of Machu Picchu Mountain?

The altitude of Machu Picchu Mountain is 10,111 feet (3,082 m.a.s.l.).

Considering the elevation of Machu Picchu Mountain, most tourists suffer from some symptoms of altitude sickness such as difficulty breathing.

How is the hike to the Machu Picchu Mountain?

The trails of the Machu Picchu Mountain Hike are wide and well marked, there are many places where you can rest while ascending the Machu Picchu mountain. From Machu Picchu, 652 m are climbed. The road is built in a zigzag. It is full of large stones that have kept the trail in place for more than 500 years.

Some of the steepest sections were built with narrow stones where you can only put about half your foot, one step at a time. Every corner will offer you a new view. The City of Machu Picchu shrinks as the mountain is climbed. The temperature for most of the tour is around 27 ° C, although you will feel cold breezes (15 ° C), coming from the Andes Mountains.

It is a steep path that ascends a huge summit covered with vegetation with a landscape of jungle brow, native fauna of the area and presence of intrusive rocks (granite). The path has irregular stone steps, it is estimated that there are just over 1,600 steps and a dirt road, stone, conditioned and restored for visitors. The climb is long and can become tiring, depending on the physical condition of the walkers.

Difficulty of the Machu Picchu Mountain Hike

Moderate to Challenging. The trek to Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru is considered a moderate to challenging hike, and although it does not require exceptional physique, you will need to be in good shape.

During the rainy season, the path can be more slippery so the difficulty of the ascent increases.

Recommendations for a good tour in the Machu Picchu mountain

  • Don’t give in to the temptation to start exploring on your own, just follow the prompts. Finding a way on your own could be fatal, since most accidents in Machu Picchu occurred because those people crossed the security lines.
  • Acclimatize to the altitude before attempting this hike, the amount of oxygen in the air is less and you will surely notice the difference. It is recommended to acclimatize for 2 days in the City of Cusco or better yet, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
  • Bring plenty of water (2 liters per person), also bring some snacks, as there are no facilities to purchase them after entering Machu Picchu. Be respectful with the environment, if you decide to stop for a snack, return the garbage that you generate with you.
  • Wear hiking boots, cool and comfortable clothing; wear sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses; the sun gets intense at this altitude. Make sure your camera has enough power and carry extra memory cards.

What are the tickets for Machu Picchu Mountain?

The tickets for Machu Picchu Mountain allows you entry to the Machu Picchu mountain and the Inca City.

This combined tickets for Machu Picchu Mountain allows you to access the hiking route to the top of the so-called ‘Old Mountain’ and, in addition, visit the archaeological buildings of the Wonder of the World.

Machu Picchu mountain is an adventure tourist attraction in the Wonder of the World.

How long before booking the tickets for Machu Picchu Mountain?

The tickets for Machu Picchu Mountain must be booked 2 weeks in advance.

During the high tourist season (from April to October) it is advisable to book it up to 1 month in advance.

Tours to Machu Picchu:

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