The climate of Cusco: The difference between Cusco and Lima, Peru.

4 May, 2022

Peruvian cities vary greatly in their climates. This is due to their different altitudes, topographies and microclimates.

For example, Cuzco is almost 3,000 metres above sea level, while Lima is at sea level. They also have different natural features, such as the Andes mountain range, the Amazon rainforest and lagoons.

These factors contribute to the great diversity of climates in Peru. Cusco’s climate, like that of many Andean cities, is characteristically cool. In the highlands, this is due to the city’s high altitude. The nearby lakes also cool the air.
The nearby lake and the Llaqta waterfalls also create microclimates that influence the climate. The city has a humid subtropical climate with very high humidity and almost daily rainfall.

Peru’s capital Lima, on the other hand, has a tropical and humid climate. The variation in the city’s climate has much to do with its numerous microclimates, which include the coastal desert, the central highlands, the Andes and the northern highlands.

As a result, the two cities have very different layouts, appearances and atmospheres.

The climate of Cusco

The climate of Cusco is cool, with a humid subtropical climate, this means that the city receives a lot of rainfall and less sunshine than other cities in the world with a similar climate. The city’s climate is affected by the altitude and the proximity of the lake.

The high altitude makes the climate cooler and cloudier, with heavy snowfall between December and March. The proximity of Lake Titicaca gives the city a humid microclimate with frequent rainfall.

The climate is influenced by the proximity of the lake, with a warmer temperature in the lake area, and a continental climate near the lakeshore.

The climate of Lima

Lima has a tropical and humid climate. The capital is at sea level, with very abundant rainfall throughout the year. The climate of the capital is tropical and humid, with heavy rainfall throughout the year.

Difference between the two cities.

The two cities have very different climates. Cusco, the city of the Incas, has a temperate climate with moderate temperatures and heavy rainfall throughout the year. Lima, on the other hand, is a tropical city with relatively high temperatures.

The two cities have very different topographies. Cusco is an Andean city with high mountains, and is affected by altitude.

Lima is a coastal city and is affected by sea level, and has a tropical climate. The layout of the city also affects the climate. Cusco is a city with narrow streets and a mix of traditional Andean and modern buildings.

Lima, on the other hand, has wide streets, with a mix of modern buildings and traditional Spanish architecture.

The layout of the two cities also affects the climate. Cuzco’s layout is similar to that of other Andean cities, which makes for a lot of cloud cover, cool nights and a variety of landscapes.

How to experience Cusco’s climate from Lima

Cusco’s climate can be experienced from Lima by visiting the Inca Citadel, the city’s museums, the Sacred Valley museums, the Jungle and the Yucay Valley.

This will allow you to see the Andean landscape, experience the architecture of the city, visit the archaeological sites and the museums that tell the history of the city.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the Amazon rainforest, lagoons, lakes, waterfalls and other natural attractions that contribute to the diversity of the city’s climate.


Cusco’s climate, with its cool nights and heavy rainfall, is ideal for those who want a cooler environment in which to relax. The city also has many attractions, from museums to the Inca Citadel and archaeological sites.

These will help you get to know the Andean landscape and architecture of the city. The Inca Citadel, the City Museum and the Qenko Museum are some of the best places to visit in the city. Cusco is a great city to visit in Peru.

With its cool climate, it is an ideal place to relax and spend time with family or friends. Lima, as mentioned above, is a great place to visit in Peru as well. Both cities have a great variety of landscapes, architectures and museums to offer visitors.

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